Natasha’s Law – 4 things to do to ensure you get it right

Natasha’s Law

is now in place and after 2 years of notice food businesses should have all their allergen labelling right and in place.

However, many don’t yet seem to be aware of the new law.

Here is what you need to do to ensure you get it right.


But first:

WHAT needs to be considered?

Natashas Law considers allergens that are in foods that are PrePacked for Direct Sale or PPDS.


This is, food prepared on the premise then packed before a customer orders it.


Examples are:

  • Quiches or cakes packed before a customer chooses them, i.e. they may be displayed in packaging in a unit or cabinet.
  • Packs/bags of rolls or bread.
  • Salads and other deli items sold ready packed in containers.
  • Packages sandwiches.
  • Burgers cooked then wrapped and left under a hot lamp before sale.
  • Raw burgers and sausages or marinated meats packed and labelled before ordering (e.g. vacuum packed or on a tray and wrapped in film).
  • Food packed then sold on a mobile stall or at an event.
  • Samples of items such as cookies which are given away but packed on the site they are made at.
  • Food made and pre-wrapped by schools or care homes for purchase or service later in the day.


What is NOT PPDS

Butchery items displayed and then packaged for the customer on purchase.

Items bought from a deli or bakery which are wrapped in front of the customer once they have chosen them.


What needs to be done:

  • Ensure you are following all the guidance. There is specific guidance for some industries such as baking and butchery.
  • Make sure ALL suppliers are supplying allergen information so that you can pass this onto customers.
  • Make sure all staff are trained. e. they understand allergens, what cross contact means and what procedures are in place in the business.
  • Make sure you have an adequate process in place to label food that is Pre-Packed for Direct Sale. Ensure that you can change labels easily when alerted to changes in allergen content by a supplier.


Training on allergen awareness and anaphylaxis is available from

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