5 top tips for safe Sous Vide cooking

Top tips for safe Sous Vide Cooking

When cooking via the sous vide method many things can go wrong.

Tip 1

Understand what you are doing and how to ensure it doesn’t go wrong.  This means do some reading around the subject and I don’t mean via Sous Vide cook books, as depending on the country they were produced in, the recommendations can sometimes differ.  For example cooking times and temperatures from the USA will not always meet the UK food safety criteria.  Get some proper training.

Tip 2

Learn what the CCP (critical control point) is for every dish.  It is not always the sous vide cook that is critical to ensuring food safety.

Tip 3

Ensure you understand and follow the time/temperature equivalents.  For example the centre temperature of 70C for 2 minutes equals 45 minutes at 65C.  i.e. the lower the temperature, the longer the cook time required.  BUT, there is insufficient scientific time/temperature evidence for cooking below 65C so dont do it UNLESS you can prove (i.e. by lab testing) that the low temperature cook will produce safe food.

Tip 4

Ensure you use the correct specification of sous vide bag for the temperature it is going to be used at.  Check the documentation to ensure it can sit at 90C for 10 minutes or be frozen (if this is what you intend to do with it).

Tip 5

Use the correct probe and ensure it goes through the sous vide bag into the centre of the product being cooked.  Measuring the water temperature is NOT adequate.  Sous vide probes are thinner and need to go through sous vide tape attached to the bag. This tape prevents water leaking into the bag or entering it when the probe is withdrawn.

If you want to do training or just need a set of documentation so you can demonstrate the safety of the food then use this link.

Sous Vide

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