Sous Vide

what is Sous Vide?

To quote Heston Blumenthal

“Sous vide cooking is the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades

Sous Vide is food cooked under vacuum for longer and at lower temperatures than would normally be acceptable to ensure food safety.

It is a method of cooking that can mean reduced waste, reduced cost and increased tenderness and retention of colour in foods.  But, if not carried out correctly it can be catastrophic for food safety.

What do I need?

Training:  Caterers who use this method must understand the principles of this method of producing food.

This means:

  • Understand the hazards
  • Know where the hazards are
  • Understand how they get into or onto the food
  • How to validate the process
  • When and how to carry out temperature checks (and of what)
  • Documentation to prove food safety and for due diligence purposes.

Equipment required (in its simplest form):

  • A container that will heat water
  • Fine needle probe
  • Water proof bag
  • Sous vide foam tape
  • Probe wipes
  • Vacuum packer


  • Hazard analysis
  • Validation for each product
  • Production summary
  • Production monitoring form

We can go through the process with you and provide a 2 hour induction session. We can also advise on equipment and validation of the food you want to prepare.

We have produced a sous vide e-learning course where you have access to the science behind the process, learn about where the CCP’s are in each dish and the documentation needed to show your food safety officer that you have verified each process.  Click here to learn more

A sous vide document pack and training pack are available on our products page here

If you need help with any of this contact us at Safety In Action on 07786622741 or email