Employers must ensure that they provide the right information, instruction and training (including eLearning) for staff (and volunteers) so they can carry out the job safely and not put themselves or others at risk of harm.

Training begins at the induction when you tell new staff about welfare facilities, the company rules, fire safety, personal protective equipment and basic health and safety. 

You must then decide if they need any further training, for example a food safety qualification or manual handling.

You can send staff to train at an external venue, call us in to train them, use eLearning or do in-house training by using your own experienced staff.

You may decide on something more formal such as the courses on our eLearning portal (click on the links to view the courses.)

Our training portal gives you the option to chose the courses you want employees to take. Many of these can be used to supplement or refresh formal training courses such as food hygiene or health and safety.

The course ends with a test (and certificate) and the system gives employers full access to results.

Examples of courses offered are listed. Have a look at the full range via High Speed Training.

Remember that information and training should be refreshed periodically, and don’t forget to monitor staff to ensure they are working safety as they’ve been trained.

Where employees may need to take more formal courses such as fork lift truck training or emergency first aid at work they often have to do this off site.  These will have expiry dates and need repeating periodically to ensure knowledge is kept up to date.   Put a note in the diary as a reminder

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