Remote Food Safety inspections are on their way

During Covid-19 lockdown many people were not able to work including EHO’s or food safety inspectors.  This has led to a huge backlog of inspections.

One of my clients was just about to undergo an inspection before lockdown having carried out a lot of work to upgrade their score.  They were remaining open as a food retailer and wanted to ensure their work was recognised by the public.    The inspection was carried out but several works were required.

I advised them so that all works required were carried out to a standard that would meet food safety standards.  This included physical works such as painting and also upgrading documentation.

Then lockdown hit and a Scores on the Doors re-rating visit was no longer possible.

We asked if it would be possible to upload their paperwork to drop box so that the EHO could see it.  This included new labels showing allergen content.  We wanted to show them improvements in  the policies and procedures, training records, cleaning schedules and also day to day completed paperwork.

Before and after pictures were uploaded for all the areas where works had been carried out to upgrade the premises.  The EHO responded by asking them to film a walk round of the business which they did.  This was a new way of working and although not done before was thought to be right given the situation and accepted.

They were awarded a hygiene rating of 5.   With all the work they had done this was a good reflection of their efforts and current conditions on site.  I was really pleased.  As an ex EHO I had made sure that they had everything right to justify that score.

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The new ‘ Inspector Showme’ app from Scores on the Doors will allow inspectors to carry out remote inspections even post lockdown.  Ideally the inspector needs a floor plan of the premises so don’t be surprised if you are asked for one.  They can then clearly see the workflow through the premises.

This will cut down on PPE needed, travel time, cost and their carbon footprint.  However, it will not be used for high risk premises which will continue to have an inspection in person.

The app allows the inspector to direct the Food Business Operator around the premise and can capture photos and text on labels etc to be used on a follow up report.

Finally, Inspections have come into the 21st century.  We would love to hear if you have had any experience of this and what you thought about it. 😊

For more information and a demo see this link