Disinfection using bleach for Covid-19

Disinfection can be easily achieved at home or in a businesses using bleach.  The recommendation is that it’s at a minimum strength of 1000ppm.  Its also more effective (and safer) when diluted.

Make sure you have a clean and labelled jug or bottle to put the mixture in.

Put on rubber gloves and add cold water (450ml) to the jug and then 10 teaspoons or 50ml of bleach (1 in 10).  Bleach comes in varying dilutions and thicknesses and this level will ensure the minimum effective dilution without going over the WHO guidance of 5000ppm maximum.  Mix carefully.

First ensure that the surface to be disinfected is visibly clean.   Read the instructions on the bleach to check if there are any surfaces that you can’t use it on.  (Remember toilet cleaner is different to bleach so don’t use that).

You can use a cloth wrung out in the mixture to wipe surfaces or a spray bottle and cloth.

Remember to keep all disinfecting solutions out of the reach of children, label bottles and wear PPE such as gloves and an apron to protect you and your clothes.