Coronavirus and Handwashing

It amazes me that there has been so much importance given to hand washing with regards to coronavirus.  The news has been full of how and when to wash our hands.  This however is basic hygiene and should be practised by everyone anyway.

Parent should be teaching children but they don’t always.  Many a time I’ve watched a mum take her child from public toilets without washing either her or the child’s hands.

I read a sad story of a mum who’s 6 year old was crying and couldn’t sleep as his hand were red and cracked and hurt so much after being made to wash his hands constantly during this outbreak.

The amount of hand washing should be linked to risk.  At home we wash our hands when we have been to the toilet, before cooking or eating with our hands, after handling raw rood such as meat or chicken, or after touching eggs, after gardening or playing with pets etc.  The panic buying of soap doesn’t mean we have to multiply our efforts and wash our hands more than normal.

It is sensible to wash hands or use a high alcohol (60%+) hand sanitiser when we are out and are touching areas that have been touched by other people.  The transfer of coronavirus comes when you touch your face, eyes, lips etc with contaminated hands or if someone sneezes near you.

So, be sensible, don’t panic, and stay well.