Take your rings off!

The question is do you wear a ring?

This week another person I know lost a finger due to wearing a ring.   All of them men. Three in total.  This is supposedly a rare occurrence.

The first injury was at a factory I worked at.  It was actually my neighbour who was emptying a bin into a tall skip when he caught his wedding ring on the top edge.  The height of the skip he was using, his weight and that of the bin, unfortunately, meant that his finger actually came off with the force.

The second injury happened to someone who I worked with and at the same factory as before.  But his injury occurred in his own time.  He was a keen football player and a freak accident meant he caught his wedding ring on the net hooks of the goalposts while making a save.  He too lost the finger.

The third injury happened to a friend after a night out on the town and a few too many pints.  He fell over and caught his ring on a table which tore his finger badly enough so that it couldn’t be saved.

It even happens to celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, the Talk show host.  In 2015 he also caught his wedding ring on a table and almost pulled his finger off.  He was lucky that it could be reattached.

Wearing rings can lead to horrific injuries such as ring avulsion  (stripping the skin off the finger) or loss of the actual finger as sometimes amputation is the best option.

Male rings tend to be thicker and more chunky and less likely to break if they are knocked or caught.  Maybe that’s why these accidents are far more common in men.

So, take your rings off if you are playing sport, doing construction work, moving heavy objects or working with machines where rings could get caught in moving parts.