Does your company support a ‘dress down’ day?

A recent comment from a client sparked a debate about safety on Dress Down days. Its great that a company offers staff the opportunity to be a bit more relaxed on occasion but observation indicated that casual clothes can also mean a more casual attitude to safety.

While being easy for suited office staff to dress down, what does it mean to a factory worker? It must be made clear that although they can be more relaxed about clothes they cannot relax about PPE such as safety boots/shoes (i.e. NO trainers) and desist from wearing scarfs or jewellery that could be a hazard. They also need to maintain good ergonomic standards (does relaxed = slouching?)

It’s up to supervisors and management to ensure safety standards are adhered to at all times, particularly on ‘dress down’ days. Do they really benefit those who don’t have to wear ‘smart’ clothes? Some companies give staff other ‘treats’ such as a day off on their birthday rather than a regular dress down day that may not have the same perceived value to all staff