The Health and Safety Folder

The ex-inspectors among us will be very familiar with the business who bought an ‘off the shelf’ system which just sits ‘on the shelf’ with them thinking they had sorted Health and Safety.  

It doesn’t work like that!  You need to be familiar with your Health and Safety Policy and make the risk assessments relevant to what you do.  You must allocate responsibilities, provide training and Staff should  be aware of the risk assessments, safe methods or procedures you put in place to keep them safe and healthy.

You need to understand Health and Safety terminology and the answers to the following questions.

  • What is a ‘Competent Person’ and how to you become one?
  • What does Due Diligence mean and why is it necessary?
  • How many people do we have to employ before we carry out a Risk Assessment?
  • What do we do if our staff don’t speak English as their first language?
  • What could a Health and Safety offence cost our business? (See FAQ for the answer)
  • What records do we actually need to keep?
  • How often do we need to review our risk assessments and HS policy?

The Health and Safety Folder takes you through these and more and is ideal for smaller or new businesses.  It can be used as a training tool and will explain what you need to do.  It comes with a USB or CD containing tables and check lists to help you keep track.

Available for £295.   Call us on 07786622741 or email us on for more information or to buy.