Food Safety

Every food business must have documentation known as a Food Safety Management System (FSMS).  This demonstrates HOW you provide or produce safe food (from ingredient delivery to service or sale).

​The complexity of the system varies depending on the food produced or sold.

​Shops that sell wrapped ambient foods will need a very simple system.  Businesses that manufacture food will need a more complex HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control system), and those in between such as caterers, hotels, cafes etc can choose to use one of the generic systems such as Safer Food Better Business (SFBB), Cook Safe, Safe Catering or our own which is personalised to your business.

The FSMS shows that you understand the risks and what you do to manage food safety.  It will consist of the hazards, controls and checks that you put in place to remove or reduce the risks to food.

We review your current system and assess how well it’s working for you.  If necessary we will recommend a FSMS or produce one that suits your business.

We will not just provide you with a folder of generic documents.  Everything we produce is relevant to what you actually do.

Having good food safety management doesn’t just mean stopping people getting ill.  It will save money by minimising the likelihood of illness (and claims) or food complaints.  Both can affect the business financially and its reputation via social media posts, low hygiene ratings given by the EHO or a prosecution.

We can also help with the documents required for SALSA certification.

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"As a growing business using Safety in Action has been a huge benefit. Knowing that we have Karen looking out for us and working with us to ensure we maintain and improve upon our food safety and health and safety is extremely reassuring."
Sue Randall
Director - Oxford Fine Dining