Competent Person

Every business must use a Competent Person to help them meet the requirements of health and safety law and keep up to date with changes in legislation and best practice.

The level of competence this person needs depends on the complexity of the activity in the business.

If you use a person in-house they must have the time to carry out their health and safety duties.  If you don’t have an employee who is sufficiently trained and experienced within the business or can’t spare someone the time to do it we can act as competent person for you.

We offer a range of monthly paid packages which include acting as your Competent Person. 

If you are managing Health and Safety well but want to be sure you have the backing of a Competent Person the cost is only £50 / month.  A small price to pay for peace of mind and knowing you have the most up to date information and someone on the end of the phone for advice and support. 

For more information call 07786 622741 or email