Sous Vide due diligence pack (Full) with hazard analysis

This pack provides the user with completed prerequisites and CCP tables, a 7 page sous vide food hazards supplement for the current food safety management system and examples of validation, process summary and process monitoring sheets as well as all the documents needed to demonstrate due diligence. It also contains a link to sous vide […]

Legionella checks

This is a checklist and method to help prevent legionella in a business. You will get a PDF (456KB) file

SFBB Staff Training List (prefilled)

This is the SFBB staff training record with all sections already filled in. It will save you time writing the safe methods completed under each heading. You will get a PDF (410KB) file.

IR Device Check and Checklist

Commonly people ‘calibrate’ temperature measuring devices like probes but for an Infra Red (IR) device (or gun some people like to call it) you have to use a different method to check its accuracy. This document tells you how to check the device and has a handy record sheet attached. You will get a PDF […]

Food Temperature Probe Calibration

It’s surprising how many businesses I’ve come across that don’t calibrate their temperature probes correctly or understand why they need to i.e. how important it is to be able to prove that you have cooked or cooled food to the correct tempertatures or that fridges are running correctly to keep food at the right temperture. […]

Food Handlers Fitness to Work Guidance

People who work around open food while suffering from certain infections (mainly from bacteria and viruses) can contaminate the food or surfaces the food may come into contact with. This can spread infection to other people through the food. This guidance helps managers and staff to prevent the spread of infection by advising which illnesses […]

Cleaning Schedule Template and How To Guide

This document can be used to train staff how to ‘clean’ properly and contains an editable template for you produce your own cleaning schedule AND checklist if you use one. It is already populated with lots of common items found in a kitchen which you can easily remove or add to. You will get a […]

Fire Briefing Checklist

This Fire Briefing Checklist includes all the topics you should cover when you are carrying out a briefing with a new employee or refreshers with current employees. This will ensure you have thoroughly briefed staff on fire safety in their workplace. This is number 10 of a series of essential documents for Health and Safety […]

Employee Induction Checklist (Food, H&S, Fire)

This checklist is perfect to ensure you have covered everything Food, Health and Safety and Fire related for a new employee. Meet your legal requirements for information, instruction and training and record them to ensure due diligence. You will get a PDF (865KB) file.