A sense of sous vide

Every food business must have documentation known as a Food Safety Management System (FSMS).  This demonstrates HOW you provide or produce safe food (from ingredient delivery to service or sale).

Food, safety and God

I was recently involved in discussions around hygienic practices needed when preparing for communion in my local church.  Is the service of the blood (wine) and body of Christ (wafers) risky to the health of churchgoers taking part?

Does your company support a ‘dress down’ day?

A recent comment from a client sparked a debate about safety on Dress Down days. Its great that a company offers staff the opportunity to be a bit more relaxed on occasion but observation indicated that casual clothes can also mean a more casual attitude to safety.

Health and safety in children’s nurseries

I got to thinking about health and safety in nurseries. After my first child was 8 months old I wanted to go back to work, to the job I loved and after considering the options decided to put him into a nursery.

Slips and trips accident case study

I was recently asked to give advice regarding someone who had had a fall at work. The injured party’s job is mainly administration but they had had to go out of the building to work on that particular day.