Acrylamide – What you need to know

The government have now brought in legislation requiring food businesses to consider Acrylamide in their Food Safety Management Systems and reduce it where practical.

Mandatory display of food hygiene ratings in England

This week I was on BBC RadioKent The Wake Up Call talking about the mandatory display of food hygiene ratings with Dr Lisa Ackerly.  I’m on at 1hr 45 but its an interesting show so why not listen to it all…

Increased jail terms for gross negligence manslaughter

Finally, the sentencing guidelines have been updated with regards to Gross Negligence Manslaughter.   For far too long it was thought that fatalities caused by the negligence of individuals were not given sufficient importance when it came to sentencing.

Let’s focus on health

In Health and Safety the focus has very much been on safety for almost as long as I can remember.  However, over the last couple of years, the HSE have concentrated more on health risks and in particular in the manufacturing industries.

What a waste…

With over 2 million tonnes of food waste thrown away by consumers at home (and more by businesses) the Food Standards agency has been offering advice on how to reduce this and save money by freezing more etc.

One fly isn’t a problem, is it?

Pest control has been in the news recently with flies now known to carry many more bacteria than was previously thought.  This should make no difference to how a business treats flies, wasps or any other flying insect.

Window safety

When I first had children, I was really concerned that the windows in their bedroom could be opened wide.  This was fixed very simply by fitting window stops that prevented them opening wide enough to fall out if they climbed onto the window ledge or leaned out too far.

Eggs, eggs and more eggs

So finally, to the relief of care homes and nurseries and caterers in general, the Food Standards Agency has confirmed the ACMF research published last year stating that vulnerable groups such as the under 5’s and elderly can now be served soft boiled and raw LION MARKED eggs.

A sense of sous vide

Every food business must have documentation known as a Food Safety Management System (FSMS).  This demonstrates HOW you provide or produce safe food (from ingredient delivery to service or sale).