May Contain – Precautionary Allergen labelling

May Contain – Precautionary Allergen Labelling There is currently no standardisation of ‘May Contain’ precautionary allergen labelling which is confusing to many in the hypersensitive community. Blanket statements are made that indicate that a product can contain ANY allergen. This post links to the PAL (precautionary allergen labelling) consultation where anyone can input their opinions […]

5 top tips for safe Sous Vide cooking

Top tips for safe Sous Vide Cooking When cooking via the sous vide method many things can go wrong. Tip 1 Understand what you are doing and how to ensure it doesn’t go wrong.  This means do some reading around the subject and I don’t mean via Sous Vide cook books, as depending on the […]

Natasha’s Law – 4 things to do to ensure you get it right

Natasha’s Law is now in place and after 2 years of notice food businesses should have all their allergen labelling right and in place. However, many don’t yet seem to be aware of the new law. Here is what you need to do to ensure you get it right.   But first: WHAT needs to […]

Bacteria: Filthy House SOS, 1000’s of bacteria!!

Bacteria??! For weeks now I’ve been watching Filthy House SOS getting more and more wound up and am now fed up with shouting at the TV.. I love these guys (and what woman doesn’t like good looking men doing the cleaning and tidying up) but in this series Richard and Brennan have been given a […]

Remote Food Safety inspections are on their way

During Covid-19 lockdown many people were not able to work including EHO’s or food safety inspectors.  This has led to a huge backlog of inspections. One of my clients was just about to undergo an inspection before lockdown having carried out a lot of work to upgrade their score.  They were remaining open as a […]

Spoilt beer and what to do about it

Many pubs may have beer sitting around that has gone off now due to the Coronavirus lock-in or is now too old to sell. There is a way of disposing of it without upsetting the water authorities and also allowing breweries to claim tax back. 

A Food Safety success story – 1 to 5

We have had news that our client Lawrance’s Bakery in Evesham has received a 5 star Hygiene rating.  A good story of how enthusiastic management have made is possible to go from 1 to 5 with improved due diligence, labelling and maintenance of the premises.

Disinfection using bleach for Covid-19

Disinfection can be easily achieved at home or in a businesses using bleach.  The recommendation is that it’s at a minimum strength of 1000ppm.  Its also more effective (and safer) when diluted.

Coronavirus advice relating to deliveries

These notes are particularly for businesses who have decided to offer home deliveries as an option during the COVID-19 pandemic. The risk of contracting coronavirus via food is said by the WHO and Virologists such as Martin D’agostino from Campden BRI to be negligible.

Facts about Coronavirus

1. Food does not present more than a negligible risk from Coronavirus. 2. 4 minutes at 63˚C is effective at destroying coronavirus in food therefore normal cooking is effective…