Facts about Coronavirus

  1. Food does not present more than a negligible risk from Coronavirus.
  2. 4 minutes at 63oC is effective at destroying coronavirus in food therefore normal cooking is effective.
  3. There is no known (so far) transmission of coronavirus from packaging.
  4. Coronavirus can survive on cardboard for 24 hours, plastic 48 hours and Stainless steel 72hrs but the amount of virus will reduce over time.
  5. Coronavirus will survive at fridge and freezer temperatures.
  6. Coronavirus is destroyed on heating.
  7. Soap disrupts the protein outer shell or envelope of the virus.
  8. Alcohol hand sanitisers must be 60% or more alcohol to disrupt the envelope of the virus.
  9. Alcohol such as gin, whisky or vodka is NOT effective in destroying coronavirus.
  10. Bleach at 1000 ppm is an adequate disinfectant.
  11. Antibacterial soap is no more effective than normal hand soap.
  12. You don’t need scalding water to wash hands, cold water is OK as long as you wash them effectively.
  13. Hand wash for 20 seconds.  This app creates a handwashing poster using the lyrics of your favourite song  https://washyourlyrics.com/.
  14. Face masks are not likely to give effective protection unless worn properly and in the UK are not advised for anyone except health care workers.  Make sure you check the fit.
  15. Coronavirus has been detected in faeces, therefore hand washing after using the toilet is essential.
  16. Livestock and pets are not known to be implicated in the spread of coronavirus and are currently not of concern.


Information from Food Safety and Quality Magazine webinar – What food industry professionals need to know


  • Lee-Ann Jaykus,
  • Dr Craig Hedburg
  • Martin D’agostino