Eggs, eggs and more eggs

So finally, to the relief of care homes and nurseries and caterers in general, the Food Standards Agency has confirmed the ACMF research published last year stating that vulnerable groups such as the under 5’s and elderly can now be served soft boiled and raw LION MARKED eggs.

There must be nothing worse than being made to eat a hard-boiled egg when all you want is a soft and runny centre!

What they didn’t mention is that eggs from other schemes such as Laid In Britain are also OK to eat by these groups.

The advice does not extend to eggs from other birds such as ducks and quails.  These must still be cooked through to remove the risk of salmonella.

Many chefs use the sous vide method to produce an egg with a very soft centre that is safe to eat.  If you are immuno-compromised or in one of the ‘vulnerable groups’ always check before ordering.